Sunday, November 4, 2007

Post-Meeting News

After returning from that meeting, I feel more convinced than ever that this devival will just happen no matter what else I may do to help or hinder it.

First, we are now officially partnering with Chickenhed to put on this devival, meaning that we will not want for equipment or for random weirdness at apropos moments.

Second, we have someone who's both well-connected with venues and has some great ideas of his own, in the person of Rev. Andre Brothel. Truly, he is a Superior Mutant, and with the fire of wanting to be a world-class Devivor, He has promise, I tell you.

Third, there is still no solid date or venue, but we are currently aiming for a date around April 3-6, and we have a lot of excellent leads now. Expect an announcement before too long.

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