Sunday, December 23, 2007

Dr. Hal Shall Be There!*

Dr. Hal has confirmed that, * short of any travel complications impacting his own show, he will be at The Tenth Anniversary Final SubGenius Devival in Seattle this April.

If you are not familiar with Dr. Hal, AKA Dr. Howl, Dr. Howland Owll, and just plain Harry S. Robins, you just aren't paying any attention. He's one of those few men who prefer the gentleman bohemian lifestyle over making a vast fortune by selling out on just one of his immense talents. He seems utterly out of place in this century, and yet it's clear that he's far more ready for the 21st Century than most bipeds.

His stage show, Ask Dr. Hal, is beloved among San Franscisco intellegencia and hipsters for his encyclopedic grasp of almost any subject of which they might ask, and for a mere dollar apiece, they do. His presence on the 25-year-old KPFA SubGenius radio show hosted by Puzzling Evidence always adds just the right amount of weird gravitas to the antics of the other co-hosts, making him beloved of both San Francisco mutants that stay up or get up ridiculously early, and of ALL other SubGenius radio shows. That old-fashioned, mild, articulate voice of his has been occasionally lucrative, whether it's as a co-host on a cable conspiracy-theory show, as a scientist type in video games, or as added color to a documentary on the War On Drugs.

But the voice is but one aspect of the Artist, for he is one of the SubGenius greats in the world of cartooning and illustration. His most recent book, Dinosaur Alphabet, reveals his distinctively staggering level of detail balanced by a hearty use of thick, precise lines. Every SubGenius book of scripture bears his art, and so does that collection of Weirdo comics you were looking at that one time. But of course, he won't be illustrating for us, no.

He shall be preaching the very Wor of "Bob". WITH THAT VOICE.

Prepare Thyselves.

UPDATE: The show date should be NO problem for him.

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