Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Devival Hotel Information

For those who are coming to the Devival from out of town:

The cheapest hotels are around SeaTac, thanks to heavy competition for travelers, and start around $59 a night. While there is bus service from SeaTac to the devival site, it's a bit far, so this might be the most economical solution for those who plan on renting a car.

The cheapest hotels within a short walk of the venue are:

Seattle Pacific Hotel
Inn at Queen Anne

Both are, as of this post, offering rooms under $90, not necessarily counting taxes and what-not.

The venue is very close to Downtown Seattle, so if you don't mind paying for more amenities, you have quite a few options.

For the most adventurous and broke among us, the Green Tortoise Hostel offers dorm-style rooms as low as $25 per night.

Bus service in Downtown Seattle tends to be fairly good. Both Routes 24 and 33 go from Downtown to Elliot on Saturdays. The last 24 should be shortly after the devival part is over, after midnight, but for those of you brave enough to stay up all night with ChickenHed, you can catch the first bus back to Downtown around 5:45 AM.

A ride board will be forthcoming if I am asked to create one. For now, slack.

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nenslo said...

As one of the headliners I expect to have everything provided for me gratis.