Saturday, March 1, 2008

Devival Flier Available Now

If you would like to help promote this devival, please feel free to print this out, photocopy it, cut them into quarters (cheap at Kinko's if you go crazy) and place in any and every odd crevice where they'll let you.

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When distributing these, feel free to be creative, weird, sarcastic, etc., but DO NOT ACT LIKE A JERK. Repeat--DO NOT ACT LIKE A JERK. The person from whom you're asking permission to drop off a few fliers might well be a latent unsaved SubGenius, whose conversion results in a series of freak incidences that end with him or her curing cancer or coming up with some really good jokes at least.

Be prepared to answer questions--not about the devival, about "Bob" and the Church. Remember, if anyone seems dubious, there's probably someone within earshot who'd react strongly--and usually positively--to the mention of "Bob" or his visage, and that often convinces the person behind the desk or counter to let you put a stack somewhere in the place. I am not fooling--at least one person who helped me poster before has seen it happen first hand and can testify.

Posters will be forthcoming. And thank you for your support.

Go forth, and spread it! Them! I mean!



CONFIRMED! Saw self-same flyers at a local (Lemuria aka Portland, OR) shop, left there by SubGenius agents unknown. - Uncle Onan

Popess Lilith said...

Sorry I didn't respond sooner, UnkOnan, but I know that agent and you shall hopefully hear him sing in Seattle this very Saturday.