Sunday, July 6, 2008

Devival Audio Now Online!

Visit my MyBloop profile to listen and download the files. I'll be uploading a full ZIP archive of all the files shortly.

Most of the files are self-explanatory, save for STE006--this one contains a lot of unedited audio, most of which is uneven. The file itself is monstrous and should only be handled by the most intrepid, preferrably with modern equipment. At some point I'll try to hack it into more digestable bits, and maybe even fix the audio levels, but for now, please enjoy what we currently have.

Video will be uploaded separately. YouTube quality is too abysmal for me to bother with; maybe if I had Windows and could upload 1 Gb FLV files instead of 100 Mb MPEGs, it'd be up to snuff. Revver is a bit better, but not perfect. I'll be uploading the files here instead. Watch for them!

UPDATE: Download all the files at once here.

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