Saturday, October 27, 2007

T-Minus Five Months And Slacking

Truly, it is the Time of PeE, and most of us interested in organizing a devival are busy clearing our calendars and settling affairs before we take on the sacred Instanity of joining the community of Devivors. Even so, there are bits of news to share:

First, our holy Clench Artist, St. Kenneth Humanoid, is working on the art for the new poster. He created a mockup of the poster that's extremely rough--cobbled together from an earlier mockup I threw together and a bit out-of-date, and utterly lacking this blog's address or any other contact info!--and yet hints well at the end result. It will undoubtedly look even cooler later on. How could it not?

St. Ken, who sometimes is called "Huey" by his pals, is responsible for a metric gigaton of Churchly art, even though his work is largely privately owned by obsessive collectors. He has been both directly and indirectly responsible for much of the art used by SSUCC and its devivals. (The first poster, which I will eventually rescan as the digital art is long disappeared, had only his amazing Color Dobbshead; he created the amazing devival art for the 1999 and 2000 devivals, with my performing layout duties. This time he will be doing all the layout, to give it a more comic-book feel, and I can't wait to see what happens after he's done tweaking and twonking it.

In other news, we will be announcing an organizational meeting soon, and stay tuned for blog tweaks and twonks on our part.

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