Thursday, April 17, 2008

Boing-Boinged by a Laughing Squid!

Greetings, Laughing Squid and Boing Boing readers! Praise Scott Beale and Mark Frauenfelder for proving themselves to be true Superior Mutants, and not one of those nouveau, po-mo, boho-a-gogo MOFOS I've mentioned before.

Now, I know you, too, ain't one of those nouveau, po-mo, boho-a-gogo MOFOS, or if you are, then you don't wanna be no nouveau, po-mo, boho-a-gogo mofo no mo'! If so, we welcome you to join us for a night of abnormality the likes of which haven't been seen in the 21st Century in this town.

And lest I forget, praise Rev. Ivan Stang for helping out immensely with promotion, both online and on the Hour of Slack! And also praise Dr. Hal Robins for mentioning the devival at his Ask Dr. Hal show as well as on the Puzzling Evidence radio show! All your help will be/has been remembered in the BeforeLife.


Dr. Hal Robins
Popess Lilith von Fraumench
Assassinated Nensmaster NENSLO, King Of All Anarchists
Priestess Pisces
Rev. Andre Brothel
Rev. Scalpod and NormalJean
DJ Jessbone & DJ Sloth

And let us not forget: Hemorrhoy Rogers

ChickenHed will be hosting the post-devival party and will engage in their usual Transformative Embarrassment rituals much to your dementertainment. (If you live in Seattle or Portland, their ChickenHed Church performances and get-togethers are great.)

Speaking of which, ChickenHed hosts a radio show in Portland called RadioHed. I will be calling into the show, and others might join in, this Friday at Noon on KPSU. They will also be playing quite a bit of Hemorrhoy Rogers for the occasion and I am sure insanity will be spread thickly on every surface.

Prepare thyselves, Seattle.


nenslo said...

I may not be arriving until just before showtime, as I need to get a couple of parts for my robot costume, and I am picking up CroMungus in Tacoma, who is bringing a monkey and an eagle.

Popess Lilith said...

Thanks for letting us know you'll be a bit on time. I'm sure any monkey, robot, and eagle bit you do would be just lovely. But if you plan on bringing a bunch of hats for people to wear, with gerbils bound by their feet to the top, someone might just take them and eat the hats before you get on stage. It's a hungry crowd.