Friday, April 18, 2008


Passed on directly from Kimberlily of ChickenHed:

Please spread this around as much as possible. Apparently there is some road construction on Elliot Avenue. Up until about a week ago there was no parking on the street. Aiyo! However, that has changed and there is now parking allowed on the West Side of the street and maybe on the East side. Hendrick gave me the following info about parking b/c there are some additional options to street parking. Let's try to get the word out...

Where not to park (unless you'd like your vehicle to go away…):

  • The parking lot right next to us (South side)

Where you can park for sure:

  • The wine outlet parking lot to the north of us – after 8pm only. All vehicles need to be out of there by 6am.
  • We can legally park on the west side of Elliott Ave W (the parking restrictions for nighttime ended on 4/12, and new restrictions only apply during the daytime.)
  • There is a small lot on the corner of Mercer and Elliott that belongs to the city and is free to use.
  • There is parking behind Blackstock lumber (the next light to the North of us on West side of Elliott Ave W)

Where you can possibly park (not sure):

  • I'm not sure whether parking would be enforced on the east side of Elliott Ave W if they're not working on resurfacing. That's a judgment call everyone should make for themselves.
  • There are several business parking lots that should be ok, but we don't have any agreement with them, so I can't guarantee that

    • Baskin Robbins lot (just S of Mercer intersection on Elliott). They close at 10, so parking there after 10:30
    • Super Supplements to north of us on East side of Elliott. They close at 9, so parking after 9:30
    • Taco Time and Starbucks parking lots to north of us on east side of Elliott. They close at 11pm, so parking there after 11:30
I post this in hopes that those who are going to the devival will check the site before heading out.

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